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Welcome to Collaborative Schools Ltd

Collaborative Schools Ltd (CSL) is a soft federation of fully committed professionals intrinsically linked to The Mead Teaching School programme. We have a shared objective and moral purpose: to ensure the best education for our children and the best training for our staff. Whilst Headteachers are responsible and accountable for their school’s progress we are absolutely unified in being there to help, support and advise.

We hope that the CSL website provides clarity on the key activities and provision available, although this is continually evolving to meet need and changes within the education agenda.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

CSL Statement of Purpose:

  • Supporting schools to achieve their own and common aims;
  • Working in the interests of pupils and families across Trowbridge;
  • Fostering excellence through innovation.

Service Offer 2017 / 18
View our current service offer which provides details on CPD, JPD, support programmes  and activities to support pupil collaboration.  Please contact us for further information.

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