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Developing Next and Best Practice

Project Title Project Description
Apprentice scheme Supporting the placement of post sixteen apprenticeships within education
Early Years Connect Building relationships between schools and PVI settings / EY practitioners, strengthening the skills of early years leaders through the establishment of peer to peer support, learning partnerships and networks
Maths Counts Education Endowment Funded (EEF) research project trialling a Maths Digital Learning Wheel providing a tailored intervention to accelerate progress and narrow the gap
Alternative therapy Development of therapeutic approaches to support emotional and behaviour difficulties within education
Initial Teacher Training  Placement of graduate teachers into CSL schools via Schools Direct. Placements hosted terms 3 and 4. For more information please contact Lindsay Palmer, lpalmer@themead.wilts.sch.uk

All CPD listed is offered at a highly reduced, lowest cost prices to CSL schools, some CPD listed is only available to CSL member schools.  Whilist we make every effort to ensure all our listed CPD is supplied please be aware the delivery is subject to numbers.   

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