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School to School Support

Over recent years the CSL Teaching School Alliance has continued to increase its capacity to deliver high quality school to school (S2S) support.

Our S2S support packages draw on the expertise of middle and senior leaders within CSL settings inclusive of National, Local and Specialist Leaders in Education. Straddling two tiers, outstanding practitioners are available to provide bespoke support packages to individuals, schools or departments based on a schools priorities.

It is important that all support is effective so we ensure that our work is carefully monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are fundamental to the delivery of many of our S2S activities. SLEs have the skills and understanding of leadership practice within their area of expertise, to support individuals or teams in similar roles in other schools. This support can be offered both on a 1:1 basis and via subject specific learning communities.

Biographies of CSL SLEs and specialisms can be found the Teaching School website.

For more information and to access any of the S2S opportunities below please contact us.

Tier 1: Targeted Support

Tier 2: Universal Support

School Evaluation Review (SER)

National Leader of Governance

Support for Ofsted Inspection

Specialist Teaching

Observing Education in Practice

Learning Walks and professional study within Outstanding Schools.

All CPD listed is offered at a highly reduced, lowest cost prices to CSL schools, some CPD listed is only available to CSL member schools.  Whilist we make every effort to ensure all our listed CPD is supplied please be aware the delivery is subject to numbers.   

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