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CPD to Support Targeted Support and Inclusion

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Title Description Target Audience

Talk Boost 
A structured and robustly evidenced programme that can boost a child's communication by an average of 18 months after ten weeks of intervention.

  • Talk Boost KS2 - 1 day
  • Talk Boost KS1  - 1 day
  • Early Talk Boost - 1 day



Educational professionals

Theraplay Level 1 and MIM A 4 day course allowing practioners deliver Theraplay in formed practice within education settings. Educational professionals (P&S)

Play Work Training 

An introduction to play in schools. Lunchtime staff and other educational professionals (P)

Play Work Training 

A course that aims to give learners the competence and confidence to make sensitive and appropriate interventions in children’s play Educational professionals (P)
Makaton Foundation Workshop Run over 2 days the CPD will provide a detailed introduction to the Makaton language programme of signs and symbols, along with other methods of augmentative and alternative communication.  (Primary and Secondary) TAs, pastoral staff, Parent Support, Advisors, SENCOs, Teachers

Working with Children in Trauma 

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A 1 day training for professionals working within Education.  This professional development aims to equip staff with an understanding of the complex adaptations that children make in order to survive when their needs are not met, and the consequences of that in a school setting.(Primary and Secondary) TAs, pastoral staff, Parent Support, Advisors, SENCOs, Teachers, senior leaders
Forest Schools Level 3 - Leaders Award Training 

This course is designed for those who would like to set up and run a Forest School programme

Educational professional (P&S)
Sharing Best Practice to Support Service Children This free half day session will offer an overview of the context in which Service Children live; focusing on developing professional practices to mitigate the potential implications for our students, both academic and holistic.(Primary and Secondary) TAs, pastoral staff, Parent Support, Advisors, SENCOs, Teachers, senior leaders

Emotional Literacy and Wellbeing 

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The programme will coach school professionals to develop and deliver targeted emotional literacy and wellbeing within their schools, raising awareness of the needs of the most emotionally vulnerable pupils.  

Primary and secondary school staff  

Educational Psychology in schools Developing Emotional Literacy TAs, pastoral staff, Parent Support Advisors, SENCOs, Teachers, senior leaders.  (Primary and Secondary)
Self esteem
How positive psychology can impact in the classroom
Positive Language
Active listening
Metacognition and Accelerated learning
Strategic approaches to reading
Understanding Speech and Language needs
Reciprocal Teaching to improve comprehension skills
Assessing children's strengths and needs
Reducing anxiety and stress for happier, healthier and successful learners An EP 1 day facilitated training, promoting positive language and psychology to reduce child anxiety. TAs, pastoral staff, PSAs, SENCOs, teachers, senior leaders
Youth Mental Health First Aid

Youth Mental Health First Aid is an internationally recognised programme designed to promote awareness of psychological, emotional well-being and mental health.  The course will support professionals to recognise and respond to mental health issues in young people aged 8-18 years old.

Primary (KS2) and Secondary staff, Local Authority support staff and the voluntary sector

All CPD listed is offered at a highly reduced, lowest cost prices to CSL schools, some CPD listed is only available to CSL member schools.  Whilist we make every effort to ensure all our listed CPD is supplied please be aware the delivery is subject to numbers.   

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