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Joint Practice Development (JPD)

Learning Communities

We operate termly, twilight, subject specific Learning Communities comprising of groups of staff interested in developing their knowledge and expertise.  Learning Communities are supported by the deployment of SLE’s as lead facilitators and provide opportunities for sharing best practice, exploring relevant pedagogies, research and development and to achieve system goals.  All communities are supported by a virtual learning environment with a document bank and are fully evaluated. To achieve maximum impact consistent attendance at a subject community is encouraged.

All learning community dates for the academic year 16/17 will be available on the CSL calendar.

Teach Meet

An organised yet informal chance for education professionals to hear ideas from each other and narratives of practice that really make a difference. They provide the opportunity for teachers to share personal insights into teaching along with learning ideas that can be taken straight into the classroom.

Early Years Teach Meet - Term 1
KS2 Teach Meet - Term 3
KS1 Teach Meet - Term 6


All CPD listed is offered at a highly reduced, lowest cost prices to CSL schools, some CPD listed is only available to CSL member schools.  Whilist we make every effort to ensure all our listed CPD is supplied please be aware the delivery is subject to numbers.   

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